Dienstag, 27. September 2016

Boomfest St. Petersburg Nr. 10

Freezing cold it was in St. Petersburg. The first thing I had to do, was to buy a cap. 
The festival itself was warm, intense and cheerful. 10 years ago I was a visitor at the first issue of the Boom-Festival, until today there was a huge progress going on in the Russian alternative comic scene. Actually back than there seemed to be non, the invited guests from Belgium, Kanada, Netherlands, Sweden a.s.o were the main audience of their lectures. This year I found a vivid scene with lots of young artists, lots of different drawing styles in the exhibitions, lot's of students drawing in their sketchbooks. No doubt, the unstinting engagement of the festivals organizers, namely Dmitry Yakovlev was a big influence for this development. 

Victor Melamed, Dmitry Yakovlev, Elena Chetverik, Pavel Grishin
by Nina Stadnik

Nina Stadnik

Elena Chetverik, Kristina Kolesnikova

Gary Baseman shows his findings from yesterday at the breakfast table

always aside of him: Toby
Art School

The founder of the Art School
Applying study candidates touch him gently for good luck. Would he have dared to dream about that?
Kati Rickenbach, Mawil and me give lectures for the students in more prosaic rooms. Here Kati is drawing the students while we are waiting for to start.
Kati Rickenbach and her sketchbook
Mawil and the Russian edition of his book "Kinderland"

During the opening at the Puschkin Museum part of the audience is drawing in their sketchbooks

Exhibiton for Comic reports and Graphic reportage (with Joe Sacco, Victoria Lavrenteva, Juhyun Choi, Aleksandar Zograf, Ulli Lust, Kati Rickenbach, Elettra Stamboulis & Gianluca Constantini)

Party at night

Kati Rickenbach

Lecture of Richard Mc Guire
Gary Baseman with Wild Girls and Toby.

Brecht Evens and a student, who  wants to know more about his favor for panels without frames
Gary, drawing with students

by Varvara Pomidor

by Olga Lavrenteva
Aleksandar Zograf, Victoria Lomasko, Olga Lavrenteva and me
On the last evening, Gary Baseman left the dinner table early to catch a plane to Kazan.
 Hey, Gary, if you see this: This poor little pencil was left alone by you and is now held in hostage.

He was abused by a wild Russian girl!

The previously nice acting Norwegian children's book illustrator makes bad jokes with him

The Russian princess lipsticked him

Victoria Lomasko was less tender, she bit forcefully.
Mawil made him play cards
Anna Sommer used him to draw pubic hair
Oh my god!
Thank goddess, finally he was able to escape to Taschkent!

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