Montag, 25. Juli 2016

BERLIN - DELHI Crossroads Nr.2

This time Priya sent a drawing first:
"Hello Ulli, Here's one for you :)
Spotted this boy selling roasted corn. The text in Hindi says 'Butta mil gaya' - translated as 'I got corn' and is a pun on a popular old hindi movie song."

Let's see, which opponent I can find in Berlin for the corn seller. 

He runs less than he stands. The Grillrunner at Alexanderplatz has to carry his shop entirely on his body. He would loose his license to sell hot sausages, if he'd sit down or props up the grill anyhow. 
While waiting for costumers in the hot midsummer sun, he is entertaining himself by drumming a techno beat with his tongs.

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  1. Tagchen

    Wirklich cool was Sie da tun! Einiges wusste ich noch überhaupt nicht. Ich habe ein Waxing Studio in Frankfurt.

    Lieben Gruß,