Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Solo exhibition by Nicoz Balboa in Berlin!

"Animal Wisdom"

a solo exhibition by Nicoz Balboa.
In Nicoz Balboa’s Illustrations there are living girlies with red airs, vintage-style boots and balloon-sleeved dresses and skirts and SM leather masks. This Girlies are mysterious, silent and quite often good friends with anthropomorphic animals, also very silent. Nicoz likes to create a world which doesn’t exist, but in which she would like to live in…. and also many of us. She imagines herself travelling on the back of a magic three-eyed white bear or with a deer of the Enchanted Forest, she sees these Girlies, dressed like a bunch of SadoMaso Alices in Wonderland going to the King’s ball.

event Friday 4th June at Cell3 artgallery from 19H30 with the performances by

The Sewing Machine
(a sweet body performance)
3Barbarae (improvisation dance)
FeniaKotsopoulouMariellaCelia&Tbguanda (improvisation dance and music)

The exhibition will last untill July the 30th and will take part to the event 48Stunden Neukoelln.

Allerstr 38 Berlin
U8 Leinestr
wed-fri 14h00-19h00 + 2nd & 4th sat of the month

Donnerstag, 20. Mai 2010

Ausstellung - Marijpol

Einladung zu Vernissage
am Freitag, 28. Mai 2010 um 20:00 Uhr im
Hinterconti (Marktstrasse 40)!
Weitere Öffnungszeiten Sa. und So. 12 - 18 Uhr.

Der haarige Gral / Neulich im Wurmbezirk

Zeichnungen von Marijpol und Sebastian Feld

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Marijpol in le monde

Manchmal geschieht es, daß mir der Anblick von Zeichnungen den Mund offen stehen läßt, vor Staunen und vor Ehrfurcht. Regelmäßig passiert mir das bei den Arbeiten der Nachwuchszeichnerin Marijpol. In der letzten Ausgabe der Le Monde diplomatique ist ein Comic von ihr abgedruckt, und er ist wie immer eine Augenweide:

Zwei e-books von Marijpol sind auf electrocomics zu lesen:
"Die Abenteuer vom Händchen, vom Herzchen und vom Äuglein" >>>
"General secretary popking" >>>

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

radioactive forever - a comicstrip essay

"Ein Vorgeschmack auf die Apokalypse", so nennt on3-radio das Interview mit Kai Pfeiffer über seinen Comic über die Reaktorkatastrophe in Tschernobyl. Gezeichnet hatte er den Bildessay im Auftrag des Konzertveranstalters Scumeck Sabottka. Immerhin wird auch die nächsten 100 000 Jahre kein Gras über die Sache wachsen. Seien wir ehrlich: wer glaubt heute noch an die Unfehlbarkeit unserer technischen Möglichkeiten? Hoffen wir mal, daß wir beim nächsten Reaktorunglück wieder ein paar tausend Kilometer entfernt davon leben werden.

hier kann man das Interview mit dem Zeichner nachhören >>>
hier gehts zum e-book "Radioactive forever - ein Comic essay"

english version of the e-book "Radioactive forever - a comicstrip essay"

Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

spx 2010 - comicfestival in stockholm

Kolbeinn Karlsson (right) is listening to a panel about erotic comics, which took place in a big open space called Kulturhuset during the Swedish festival Small Press Expo.
Kolbeinns fabulous "Troll Kings", partially prepublished on electrocomics, was released on paper by Top shelf productions, USA.

To illustrate the discussion various bizarre fantasies were projected on the wall, while next to the stage Sweden's interested youth went up and down escalators.

Unfortunately I missed the panel about feminist comics, because I had to give a lecture about electrocomics at the same time in another library in town. Thanks Gabrielle Bell (US) has a drawn report about it on her blog >>>

Kristiina Kolehmainen, organizer of the festival and the comics library in Stockholm, with the two french representants of Les Requins Marteaux, Frederic and Thomas, before the opening ceremony. The evening before they presented a screening of the film "Villemolle 81" by Whinshluss.

Guy Delisle and Johann Ulrich (avant-verlag, Germany)

Beautiful Warda Ahmed, new director of the comic festival in Helsinki, and Sascha Hommer (D)

Paul Gravett talking about the legendary british comic magazin "Escape"

Paul Gravett, MK Reed (Sparkplug Comics, US), and Tony Benett (Knockabout Comics, GB)
Some of the other english speaking guests didn't make it for several reasons:
Chris Staros (Top Shelf) and the artist Dash Shaw were prevented because of vulcanic eruptions, while Melinda Gebbie (GB) just lost her passport.

Martin Ernstsen (Norway, watch out his e-book on electrocomics "Owls") and friend

Ville Ranta (FI), drawing live, accompanied by accordion player Nico Kumpuvaara, and guitar player Aleksi Ranta, which is not visible on the picture, but anyway looks the same as his brother.

Finally a fashion summary from stockholm: the ladies show legs, a lots of them packed in shiny black leggins.

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

ulli lust in italian and persian language

The autobio-graphic novel "Heute ist der letzte Tag vom Rest Deines Lebens" (partially prepublished on creates quite some interest in other countries. Italian, French and Spanish versions are in preparation. The books seems to be especially anticipated in Italy (coming out in October 2010, at Rizzoli), as we noticed during our visit at Naples for my exhibition at the Goethe-Institut Napoli. The opening was last week, during and co-organized by the Comicon Napoli festival.

Me, wearing a blue coat I found at a Berlin antique shop. It was hand woven in New Mexico (by El Grandee) and arrived 1948 via airlift during the Berlin blockade.

The old lady on the left is a famous Italian intellectual (name???), in the middle the charming Johanna Wand, who organized the exhibition at the Goethe-Institut.

fabulous Alina, one of the organizers of the Comicon festival, and Kai Pfeiffer

Earlier this year, a Persian journalist had asked me for an interview, because of my experiences travelling through an archaic patriarchal society I tell about in my book. It was very special for me to answer his questions, because of the political situation in Iran, of course. For everyone who understands Persian, here is the link.