Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Go! Keep Going! to San Vito

Drawings from the e-book "Go! Keep Going" are visible until 4th of december 2010 in an exhibition called "Palinsesti", in Palazzo Altan in San Vito al Tagliamento, a little town near Venice.
The catalogue says: When readers have a look through the strips of the comics Go! Keep Going! they submerge themselves in the urban reality of Berlin’s streets; here the author Ulli Lust guides them through panoramic views and daily life scenes: accidental elements that one can meet wandering aimlessly around the city. The viewer inevitably listens to unknown people’s conversations: he becomes an involuntary spectator of a theatre representation, in which the actors are actually common persons engaged in the pursuit of happiness, of a canonical happy-ending for their existences. With these assumptions we can surely define Go! Keep Going! an example of comic-reportage, in fact it puts together linguistic elements that come from different communicative areas, which seem to be very far one from another. The first is the reportage, a practice involved in the collection of a big quantity of images with the aim of documenting a precise phenomenon; the second one is the comics, which is a practice typically dedicated to the reader’s entertainment: in this case it becomes a way to investigate the reality around us.

Ulli Lust & anonymous dog

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