Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

spx 2010 - comicfestival in stockholm

Kolbeinn Karlsson (right) is listening to a panel about erotic comics, which took place in a big open space called Kulturhuset during the Swedish festival Small Press Expo.
Kolbeinns fabulous "Troll Kings", partially prepublished on electrocomics, was released on paper by Top shelf productions, USA.

To illustrate the discussion various bizarre fantasies were projected on the wall, while next to the stage Sweden's interested youth went up and down escalators.

Unfortunately I missed the panel about feminist comics, because I had to give a lecture about electrocomics at the same time in another library in town. Thanks Gabrielle Bell (US) has a drawn report about it on her blog >>>

Kristiina Kolehmainen, organizer of the festival and the comics library in Stockholm, with the two french representants of Les Requins Marteaux, Frederic and Thomas, before the opening ceremony. The evening before they presented a screening of the film "Villemolle 81" by Whinshluss.

Guy Delisle and Johann Ulrich (avant-verlag, Germany)

Beautiful Warda Ahmed, new director of the comic festival in Helsinki, and Sascha Hommer (D)

Paul Gravett talking about the legendary british comic magazin "Escape"

Paul Gravett, MK Reed (Sparkplug Comics, US), and Tony Benett (Knockabout Comics, GB)
Some of the other english speaking guests didn't make it for several reasons:
Chris Staros (Top Shelf) and the artist Dash Shaw were prevented because of vulcanic eruptions, while Melinda Gebbie (GB) just lost her passport.

Martin Ernstsen (Norway, watch out his e-book on electrocomics "Owls") and friend

Ville Ranta (FI), drawing live, accompanied by accordion player Nico Kumpuvaara, and guitar player Aleksi Ranta, which is not visible on the picture, but anyway looks the same as his brother.

Finally a fashion summary from stockholm: the ladies show legs, a lots of them packed in shiny black leggins.

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