Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Solo exhibition by Nicoz Balboa in Berlin!

"Animal Wisdom"

a solo exhibition by Nicoz Balboa.
In Nicoz Balboa’s Illustrations there are living girlies with red airs, vintage-style boots and balloon-sleeved dresses and skirts and SM leather masks. This Girlies are mysterious, silent and quite often good friends with anthropomorphic animals, also very silent. Nicoz likes to create a world which doesn’t exist, but in which she would like to live in…. and also many of us. She imagines herself travelling on the back of a magic three-eyed white bear or with a deer of the Enchanted Forest, she sees these Girlies, dressed like a bunch of SadoMaso Alices in Wonderland going to the King’s ball.

event Friday 4th June at Cell3 artgallery from 19H30 with the performances by

The Sewing Machine
(a sweet body performance)
3Barbarae (improvisation dance)
FeniaKotsopoulouMariellaCelia&Tbguanda (improvisation dance and music)

The exhibition will last untill July the 30th and will take part to the event 48Stunden Neukoelln.

Allerstr 38 Berlin
U8 Leinestr
wed-fri 14h00-19h00 + 2nd & 4th sat of the month

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