Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Oslo Comics Expo 2012

At first: I appologize for the pidgin english you have to read in the next lines. I'll try to cut it short.

Missed the Comics Festival in Erlangen, which was at the same weekend as the Oslo Comics Expo. But I didn't have to feel lonesome in Norway. Just arriving in Oslo I met Frederik Strömberg and Paul Gravett sitting in the concret garden of the hotel, both dressed in finest British mens's fashion.

A highlight was the panel discussion with Seth, Chris Ware, Sverre Malling, Jillian Tamaki and the presenter Flu Hartberg. They were talking about drawing in general, Flu was showing various images starting from 30 000 years old cave painting and Käthe Kollwitz to George Herriman. Here Chris Ware noted, that Leonardo da Vinci didn't get the embryo right, he's drawn the head too small "probably he imagined to be the baby himself".

Seth, Espen Holtesstaul (their publisher), Chris Ware, and Joost Swarte at the opening of Joost's exhibition. 

The festival was located in two small tends, with few but very fine tables. Here you see Bendik Kaltenborn and Matthias Wivel presenting an anthology with contempory nordic Comics: Kolor Klimax.

Here is Bendik one more time, suddenly sitting next to me. This was the moment I realized, that Norwegian boys have very accurate haircuts. Jillian Tamaki (on the right) agreed.

 Martin Ernstsen, next to Sharmila Banerjee proofs it, while Marc Bell represents Canadian style. The blond Lady is Erle Marie Sørheim, a Norwegian Journalist living in Berlin.

Amanda Vähämäki (and husband), feeding her children.

uhh ... big honor for me to be the warm up for these artists.

Seth, signing (he does not represent a usual Canadian fashion)

Paul Gravett, Pascal Girard, Seth, Sharmila Banerjee, Martin Ernstsen, Jillian Tamaki

Chris Ware is talking about his work.

Cartoonists are making a fanzine ...

... on the last evening. They call it Party. 

I send my best whishes to all the other friends, I've met on this great festival, like Karstein Volle, Lars Fiske, Steffen Kverneland, Espen Holtestaul, Cis-Doris Andreassen and Lina Neidestam.

A big "Danke schön" to Lisa Nordick from the Goethe-Institute in Oslo for the invitation!

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