Montag, 22. Februar 2010

drawing as reportage

Luckey ones have seen the exhibition in Kunstverein Hannover or Kunsthalle Düsseldorf in 2005 , for the rest of us remains a catalogue, which can be downloaded as PDF here.

"(...) This also encompasses, aside from autobiographical and/or historical news coverage drawings that approach the narrative structure of comic strips, such heterogeneous fields as court sketches, social utopian design sketches, dream protocols and complex origami. Historical as well as contemporary examples were included so that an abundance of art historical as well as current links to the concept of reportage drawings could be illuminated. Reportage served here as term implying a large number of artistic practices that are explicitly related to experiences, which can be recovered from normally unseen and hard-to-reach and sites, “divings” from places where photography is forbidden, like prisons, hospitals and courtrooms, or from inner spaces of the imagination, in which planning-abstract or concrete-utopian thought can be formed. "

Artists: Jessica Abel, Monika Baer, David B., Steve Bell, Tatjana Bergius, Peter Blegvad, Bernard Buffet, David Collier, Alice Creischer, Erich Dittmann, Alberto Giacometti, Wolfgang Grunwald, Constantin Guys, Hokusai, Ben Katchor, Max Klinger, Friederike Klotz, Fritz Koch-Gotha, Tünde Kovács, Willibald Krain, Ulli Lust, Theo Matejko, Henry Moore, Stephan Mörsch , Ri Tong Chan, Harvey Pekar, Kai Pfeiffer, Inna Poltorychin,Alexander Roob, Joe Sacco, Salon de Fleurus, Alfred Schmidt, Dierk Schmidt, Jim Shaw, Andreas Siekmann, Emil Stumpp, Susan Turcot, Rick Veitch , Amelie von Wulffen , Robert Weaver, Stephen Wiltshire, Eric Wunder, He Youzhi, Florian Zeyfang

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