Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Addendum 2014

by Ulli Lust 

(Please excuse my poor english)

I am not a happy traveler. Nowadays I prefer to stay at home near my drawing table. Sounds boring, sorry. 
But - could I reject an invitation to a Comics Festival in Columbia? I did it before,  twice, still the direktor of Entrevinetas, Daniel Jiménez Quiroz was persistent enough to ask a third time, and  a fortune teller in Berlin told me, that this trip will be like a party, like a big intoxication. So I finally flew to Bogota end of September, two days later to Medellin, for lectures, panel discussions and hanging out with other comics artists. The festival was really like a big party, surprisingly only intoxicated by exhaust fumes of the crazy traffic in these two cities. 

Me, Kelly Moctezuma, Ben Newman, Laura Acosta

Marco Tóxico, Javier Bolivar, Laura Andrea Garzón;
Half an hour before, Laura Acosta brought Javier to me, speaking:"Javier is a winner. He won our  junior competition in Bogota." "Congratulations!", I said," what did you win?" He smiled shyly, probably because his english was bad. Lauras answer revealed: "He won one hour with you." 
I made, "Oh". We decided to go eating all together.

Marco Tóxico, Riccardo Rodrigez, Daniel Jiménez Quiroz, Pablo Guerra, El Tio Berni, Edmond Baudoin, Jim Stoten, Manuele Fior, Bef, Martin El Alegre, Ben Newman, Ana Merino, Berliac, Laura Acosta, Sam Alden, Frank Santoro, Fernando Boltrón, Olivier Schrauwen, Jonathan D. Morven, Ulli Lust, Santiago Orozco Duque;

Our flights back to Berlin were canceled thanks to the Air France pilot strike, Olivier Schrauwen and me got new connections, which enlarged the travel duration from 20 to 48 hours. And we had to wait for a connection flight in New York for a whole day!
Wait a moment,  a day in New York? That didn't sound so bad. I wrote a mail to our friend Bill Kartalopoulos, if he might find time for a coffee together. At first, Olivier and me strolled  through Soho, started with the coffee, because we  didn't sleep since 24 hours, and looked for an internet cafe. Olivier had heard something about a Richard McGuire exhibition, and that he had made a new book. We are both big fans of his work. We didn't even find a book shop.
But we got a SMS by Bill, who wrote: "I made some possible appointments for you. We can go to the New York Times and then have lunch with the art director Olivier knows, Alexandra Zsigmond. Then we can preview Richard McGuire's exhibiton, which opens on Thursday. After that we may be able to meet Art Spiegelman for a coffee.

And that was exactly, what happend on our day in New York, except we drank red wine in Art Spiegelmans studio.
Olivier Schrauwen, Bill Kartalopoulos
Olivier Schrauwen, Alexandra Zsigmond, me; the background is part of Alexandras work space and shows illustrations from around the world. I found several drawings by german colleagues, like Sophia Martinek, Atak, Henning Wagenbreth ... 
Richard McGuires exhibition wasn't open yet, there were still tools standing arround,  in the air the penetrating smell of fresh colour. I looked at the images and felt high immedeately
"Here" was a 36-panel comic published in Raw volume 2 #1 in 1989. Built in six pages of interlocking panels, dated by year, it collapsed time and space to tell the story of the corner of a room - and its inhabitants - between the years 500,957,406,073 BC and 2033 AD. Now Richard Mc Guire had enlarged the concept to a book-lenght version, and the exhibition in the Morgan Library showed excerpts of the working prozess. The book itself wasn't delivered yet. 

Happy me, Joel Smith (curator of the show) and Olivier Schrauwen.
After that, we went to Art Spiegelmans studio and on his table - miraculously - was a copy of THE book, which excerpts we had just seen before. Art Spiegelman had gotten an advance copy, being asked to talk about it in an interview. 

Thousand thanks to Bill Kartalopoulos, who turned this day into one of the great moments of my life. 
 "Hier" was released in Germany by Dumont Verlag. 

Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Comicsfestival in Angouleme 2014

If I would be French, I wouldn't dare to write this blog entry. French children are educated from early on, not to make mistakes. Before they would speak in broken English, they would rather remain silent. I am Austrian. But I'll keep the report short.
This year was the first time with a German embassy at this biggest Comics festival in Europe: a booth with comics by artists and publishers living in Berlin.

Stand operators Jens Meinrecken and Stefan Neuhaus study the menue at the airport restaurant during transit from Paris to Angouleme. The food wasn't bad.

The food was excellent: The festival hasn't started yet, that's why we got a table in this wonderful little restaurant, which will be overcrowded from tomorrow on. It's allready crowded on tuesday. Paul Karasik came late and had to wait outside. While Gert Jan Pos, the Fox, had made a reservation (How did he do that? The phone of the restaurant was off the whole week before the festival. We tried.) 
Sorry to say: this year I've made very few fotos in gemeral, but a lot of my boyfriends new hairstyle.  It's "temporar" he says. 
Jen Vaughn from Fantagraphics was here to write for the Comics Reporter. 
Also Heidi MacDonald has withdrawn periodically to write her reportes about the Festival.
Birgit Weyhe and Joanna Hellgren, signing their french books at Editions Cambourakis

Kai Pfeiffer, Peter Blegvad, me, Paul Karasik in Front of the Berlin stand
Dash Shaw, Frank Santoro, Joff Winterhart at the stand of Editions çà et là
(Frank wrote a blog report, too.)
Kai Pfeiffer and Joseph Lambert, in the back çà et là publisher Serge Ewenczyk. Joseph's Book "Annie Sullivan & Helen Keller" was in the Selection for the Prizes of the Festival. 
Joff Winterhart was doing portraits of passengers during the signings. 

This guy didn't have to while away the time during signing hours, Derf Backderf, signing "Mon Ami Dahmer" and "Punk Rock & Mobile Homes"
The little girl is passing the time in front of me while her father waits for a signature by Derf, and starts reading my dirty not appropriate for children comic. 
I'm on the signing table next to Derf, reading the wonderful Comic of Joff Winterhart, which I can warmly recommend. The original version in english is called "Days of the Bagnold Summer" (Random Houlse UK).

The father was waiting long,  and surprisingly the girl continued reading very concentrated.
I am not sure, how much she really understood, and breathed on, when her father picked her before she started reading the scene in the brothel. 

Derf really earned his "Prix de Revelation", which he got on Sunday evening. 
Here I meet my cartoonist colleague Olivier Texier for the first time, allthough we are working together at since years. I love his work! And his hairstyle!

Same with Pina Chang, formerly known as Lorelei Herrera. Met her for the first time in person, but was to dull to make a photo. Edition Na published a collection of her short stories in "Visiter tous les pays". Some of them you can find in english language at electrocomics, like a story, which is called "An old story" but secretly I prefer to call it "Mammita". As Pina might remain Lorelei in my mind. 

Now I regret, not to have pulled the camera out of the bag all the time, because there were so many amazing people on this festival! So Sorry!

It's sunday night, the tends are getting build down, but one artist is still signing: Herr Sele got a Prize for the best Reprint: "Cowboy Henk" at Fremok

Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

My first trip to USA!

Back to nature at the transit airport in Amsterdam. (Last week I saw a fake forest at the airport of Helsinki. It seems to be hip in airport interior design. There they also added sounds of birds chirping.)

A meadow in Amsterdam
A Marriott Hotel in Bethesda, Washington DC. The SPX will take place here.
Alternative Comics in the Ballroom 

Wherever you look in the hallways you see young people hunched over their sketchbooks. May they be drawing an autobiographic comic about something they just have experienced? 
Gary Panter and Charles Forsman have time to chat, because their books were sold out on the first day. 
My books, too, but I've got a brick in the evening. Shouldn't there be  a ritualistic throwing of the ignatz- award brick against the nearest loved ones head?

me, Dash Shaw, Sam Alden (another happy owner of a brandnew ignatz brick for "Most promising talent")

Michael DeForge got three, he truly earned them. He and Julia Gförer didn't stop sketching even on stage at a panel. 

Monday morning: New York

Bill Kartalopoulos invited me to stay in their apartment in Brooklyn, which turned out to be "the Cartoon House". 

From the window I can observe people waiting for the subway. 

Erica doesn't hear the infernal noise of passing trains anymore. 
Paris Wedding Center in Chinatown, New York

Just around the corner.

Little Italy with Frank Santoro

Liza Donnelly, me, Rutu Modan, Julia Pohl-Miranda, after Lizas public conversation with Rutu Modan in the Society of Illustrators 

Hope is a one-way street.

At a lecture by Art Spiegelman I met the secret twin brother of the Berlin cartoonist Mawil: the Argentinian cartoonist Liniers 
Here's the proof. And as if the similitude weren't enough, both depict themselves as rabbits.

Francoise Mouly, David Prudhomme and Rutu Modan are fascinated by Liniers Sketchbook, in which he draws comicpages on the fly which look if they were printed. As Mawil Liniers is able to draw perfectly inked comic pages without scribbeling and corrections. 
When Art Spiegelman asked him, "How do you do this?" Ricardo Liniers laughed, "It is very easy. When I make a mistake, I don't care." And recommended to Spiegelman to try it, too. Art Spiegelman just sighed. 
Hanging out with cute artists: Dash Shaw, me, Michael DeForge, Jonny Negron, Frank Santoro. 

Friday, NY Art Book Fair 
My flat mates Clara Bessijelle and Austin English share a table with Marc Bell.
One of the most beautiful magazins on the festival: Fukt Magazin 

Saturday night: Cartoonist Leslie Stein with her band Prince Ruperts Drop's at the Bellhouse.  
Sunday, Brooklyn Book Festival

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