Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Comix Festival Fumetto 2012

The idea was born last year at the Comicfestival SPX in Stockholm:
"Why don't we edit a STRAPAZIN issue with female comic artists?"
The SPX shows more female presence than any other festival, thanks to its organizer Kristiina Kolehmainen. It's a big loss for the comicworld, that Kristiina lost her fight against cancer two days ago.

Kati Rickenbach, Kristiina Kolehmainen and me at our Exhibition in the Goetheinstitut in Stockholm 2011.
We will miss Kristiina terribly.

The STRAPAZIN Damenstammtisch in turn was invited to exhibit at the Comix Festival Fumetto in Luzern 2012.
Kati (with new born Emma) is signing a special Strapazin issue for Kristiina, not knowing, that it was too late for this small gesture.

Coverart: Sharmila Banerjee,

Aisha Franz, who kindly, perfectly supervised the building of the exhibition.

Sharmila Banerjee

Caroline Sury

Sharmila Banerjee

Aisha Franz, Vanessa Davis

Gabrielle Bell, Vanessa Davis, Eli Zwimpfer, Kati Rickenbach, Aisha Franz (Foto: David Basler)

Box of Eli Zwimpfer.
Elis Comic for the Strapazin you can also read in full colour at electrocomics.
(in the magazin the story is printed in black and white and some pages shortened).

inside the Box of Vanessa Davis

inside the box of Caroline Sury

Saturday night the work was done, we were ready for the big opening buffet ... but first everybody had to watch the award ceremony for the Fumetto Comic Contest.
Here you see jury member Dominique Goblet in her gala dress. (Foto: Aisha Franz)

Ulli Lust, Aisha Franz, Vanessa Davis, Dominique Goblet (Foto: Gabrielle Bell)

Jana Jakokoubek, Artistic Direktor of the Festival, Kati Rickenbach and Emma in her bag, on the traditional boat trip on the Vierwaldstättersee.



Gabrielle Bell

Dominique Goblet, anonymous bear, in the exhibiton of Anja Wicki

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