Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

Comicfestival SPX in Stockholm

Wednesday: Kati Rickenbach, me and some friendly helpers build up our exhibiton in the Goethe-Institut.

Stefan Pluschkat from the Goethe Institut Stockholm

Kati, Kristiina Kolehmainen (the great organizer of the festival) and yours truely (Ulli Lust)

Two hours before the opening of the Les Requins Marteaux "Hypermarket Ferraille"an ermergency force of present cartoonists helps painting the promotional slogans. Frederic Velder,

But finally most of us missed the opening, because at the same time there was the opening of Kolbeinn Karlssons exhibition in the Stockholm city library.

Kolbeinn's puppets

Stéphane and Frederic at the spanish Restaurant. I didn't find out, what swedish food would be, besides Knäckebrot.

One of my drawings was the poster of the festival. The coquettish lady on the escalator is Carmella Chergui (L'association)

Ville Ranta and two of many fancy dressed festival visitors.

with Kolbeinn

Kristiina and Nina Röhlcke (Kulturhuset Stockholm) at the private residence of the Swiss ambassador, who invited the German artists group, which was well represented by one Swiss and two Austrian artists.

like Kati Rickenbach and Nicolas Mahler
(a very elegant grey bearded servant dressed in white livry served the dinner. unfortunately, there's no photo – we thought we were being served by a captain.)

Nicolas Mahler, a few hours later. He is ponting at the very distinct wrinkles that make a male face look more masculine. His demonstration is not very persuasive.

Kati, drawing; some of her strips from Stockholm you can read here.

Ulli and Kai, drawing (Foto: Kati Rickenbach)

Dominique Goblet, Thierry Groensteen, drawing, Carmella looking dreamy (perhaps she has seen an attractive guy again?)

Galago presents "The state of the struggle". A panel about female cartoonists led by Sofia Olsson. With Hope Larson (US), Mari Ahokoivu (Fi), Sara Hansson (S), Jutta Harms (D), Carmella Chergui (Fr) and Shannon O'Leary (US); Shannon wrote a nice report about the festival, which you can read here.

Saturday morning Kati and me guide our friends to our exhibition.

... but it was still closed, we came too early.

Fortunately, one second before I smashed the door, Stefan Pluschkat came and opened it with a key (great trick!).

some short and one long leg (Foto: Stéphane Soulié)

Panel together with Nancy Peña, moderated by Josefin Svenske from Kolik Förlag, my future publisher in Sweden.

sweet Americans! Vanessa, MK, Shannon, (me, Austrian), Trevor; not in the picture: Gabrielle Bell

Kai Pfeiffer on the airport (better not read his nasty mind).

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