Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010


STILL LIFE, the comic strip series by Reinhard Schleining, will be continued from now on. A new strip will be uploaded every monday.

Immersed in a world that is both hilarious and crazy, whilst improvisationally oscillating between surrealism and outright anarachy, STILL LIFE pops us into ever more maddening bubbles of funny life.

Strip by strip we’re enthralled by hilarious, witty, tragic, odd, outlandish, pretty and sexy scenes – not infrequently all at the same time – taking place between random people in contemporary urban backdrops.

Within the comic tragedy / tragic comedy of life (depending on whether we see the proverbial glass as half full or half empty :) we cannot help but wonder that one day we could easily find ourselves being warped into similarly blobby and scratchy dialogues or settings. But with the help of this book, we’ll by then be ready to have a big laugh at both ourselves and the world we now live in – if not pack it in altogether in order to crack off into one hundred percent uninhibited humorous awakening …

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